Mundati is currently developing a new sanitation system solution named SANDATI™.  SANDATI™ is expected to reach the market during 2018. SANDATI™ is redefining the toilet – it is ecological, cultural adapted, cost-effective, easy and smart. It also does prevent the distribution of bacteria and viruses through it’s way of operation and adapted features. It also gives something back to the local community by creating jobs and manure that can be used in the local agriculture.

• Autonomity – from electricity, water and sewage

• Self-desinfection

• Culturally adapted (for different sitting positions)

• Ecologically adapted – gives manure back to the local community

• Privacy adapted

• e-Connected –  informs the administrators when it is time for drain the sewage or refill the chemicals via a mobile app

• LED lightning both in and outside for improved security

• Easy – to maintain for the local community

• Modular – can be adapted for different kind of needs

• Easy to transport –”flat packages” like the model of ”Ikea”

• Involves the local community with a unique business model that create local revenue streams and incitaments (Inclusive Business)

• Cost-effective


Mundati is developing a fast responsive container with target for catastrophe areas where a quick and simple solution is needed to prevent spread of diseases.

Illustrations by Björn Nillson, Graphics