RISE/Science Partner

RISE/SP Research Institutes of Sweden AB, in everyday speech RISE AB, is the Swedish state’s company for ownership of the RTOs of RISE.

RISE AB’s task is to gather, develop and renew the RTOs of RISE into an internationally competitive and efficient Swedish force for industrial research and innovation. Mundati is collaborating with the Water Management division concerning requirements, development and funding.



Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

SLU develops the understanding and sustainable use and management of biological natural resources. This is achieved by research, education and environmental monitoring and assessment, in collaboration with the surrounding community.

Mundati and SLU are cooperating concerning the eco-cyclic technology that SLU has developed for treatment of human organic waste and that Mundati will use.



KibbCom India specializes in communication intense software & service development, inspired and guided by the way the world works.

Furthermore, our talented network of technicians, engineers and developers can also assist with Hybrid App development, Web Service design and Cloud/AWS/OpenStack related assistance.

We are especially Interested in future endeavors in bionics and biomimetics.


Swedish Red Cross

The Swedish Red Cross is an important NGO
and are doing very important job in many sectors. Mundati  and the Swedish Red Cross are cooperating both in Vinnova projects but also directly.

Together with the Swedish Red Cross are bringin in important customer requirements to Mundati for our development as well as providing test sites.


Connect 2 Climate

As a Swedish / Colombian company, our roots are based on the Scandinavian business culture, focusing on quality, innovation, trust, collaboration, and social responsibility. Our portfolio has the most innovative and green technologies that are on the market today to provide quality services to those who aspire to have a positive impact in Colombia. We offer a range of services within the management and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility projects, business development and provision of environmental technology solutions.



Connect 2 Climate


Unisa is the largest open distance learning institution in Africa and the longest standing dedicated distance education university in the world. We enrol nearly one-third of all South African students. UNISA offer an unparalleled range of study choices, ranging from short courses and certificate programmes to three-and four-year degrees and diplomas, to over 400 000 current students. As one of the leading research institutions on the continent, our research efforts have won us numerous awards, recognitions and honours.



Vinnova promote sustainable growth by
funding needs-driven research and stimulating collaborations between companies, universities, research institutes and the public sector.
 Vinnova are also the national contact agency for the EU framework programme for research and innovation. Mundati are participating in two projects funded by Vinnova:

•  Circular flows for bio-based economy

• Sustainable innovations for international disaster response



Whatever new venture you are about to embark on – an international launch, developing a new product or service, entering a new market, buying or starting a business – you should get in touch with Almi.

Almi’s vision is to create opportunities for all viable ideas and companies to be developed. We offer advisory services, loans and venture capital through all phases of the establishment of a business – from idea to successful company. This includes ideas with potential for growth in the early stages as well as existing companies that are investing in growth and expansion.

Almi Företagspartner AB is owned by the Swedish government and is the parent company of a group consisting of 16 regional subsidiaries, Almi Invest AB and IFS Rådgivning AB. With 40 offices across Sweden, we are always close to our customers. Almi operations are organised in four business areas – Advisory Services, Loans and Venture Capital. Almi supports Mundati in several ways during our development process.


Paper Province

Paper Province is a world-leading cluster within the forest bioeconomy in Varmland vicinity. On behalf of our member companies we work with Innovation & D, skills, venues, internationalization and promotion.

Our work is to strengthen the entire region’s competitiveness by creating good cooperation between all actors in society – public and private. Mundati and Paper Province are cooperating concerning material used in the design. Mundati has the ambition to provide a carbon dioxide neutral design and together with Paper Province and their members we are doing research and development.