We can reveal that Mundati will start tests of our IoT system during Q4 for surveillance and management of the Sandati system. Test will be carried out together with the municipality of Karlstad and Karlstad El &Stadsnät. 



Amazingly good event at the grand opening of Regional Export Cooperation where Mundati was one of the speakers together with Minister of Industry Mikael Damberg, Gavelo, Valmet, EKN, Business Sweden and many more! Thanks to Karlstad Innovation Park and Fredrik Lindroos for a great event!

Henrik Smedberg, Fredrik Lindros, Mikael Damberg
Henrik Smedberg, Fredrik Lindros, Mikael Damberg



På onsdag 11.00 så pratar Mundati på Invigningen för regional exportsamverkan som är organiserat av Business Sweden och Region Värmland. Vi får finbesök av Mikael Damberg också. Kom gärna och lyssna och diskutera. 

Plats: Innovation Park

Datum: 180815

Tid: 11.00 – 13.30

http://Invigning av Regional Exportsamverkan regionvarmland.se



Back from a very hot summer vacation. We are starting with Christer going to South Africa for discussions with UNISA and WRC concerning pilot installations. We are also preparing for tests of our LoRa based communication system and service platform together with Karlstad Stadsnät and the municipality of Karlstad. We will connect  a number of toilets and service plants to test the system. Involved are also our partners at Redstone and Shortlink.


We wish all a great midsummer fiesta. This is the most important holiday in Sweden and we are closed tomorrow and back in office on Monday.



Mundati is gaining interest in the press about our solutionsfrom different markets and actors in the area of  disaster relief.



The two last weeks has been eventful for Mundati. So a little update below:

  • We are happy to announce two new shareholders at Mundati that will join us on this exciting journey! Welcome onboard!
  • Connect 2 Climate have joined Mundati as our partner in Colombia. We welcome them onboard as well and are very excited to start up projects together with them the coming autumn.

Connect 2 Climate

  • Mundati has been starting tests of it IoT platform and first test are promising. Stay tuned!
  • Mundati has performed in Cooperation with University of Karlstad and Högskolan i Dalarna a event with students called CRE8. CRE8® is a fast-paced method for creative problem solving in competition.Three to four student teams are testing their problem solving skills and pitching their solution to a jury.

    The assignment is sharp and collected from researchers, companies or the public sector. The purpose is to train the students to solve real problems and teamwork as a useful experience for a future working life. The result was some very new interesting ideas for Mundati and we are very happy about the result!

Jury CRE8 with Henrik SmedbergMundati task Introduction for studends at CRE8 Mundati


It is with a great thrill and pride we now can inform that we have offered a complete sanitation solution for India in Shud Jal as part of a consortium. The consortium consists of SME´s, Research institutes, Universities in Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and India.
We can mention a few of the members such as RISE, Novospection, Wagening University, University of Lund, Teri University India, India Institute of Technology, Bioprocess Control and many more.
For Mundati this tender Is worth almost 9MSEK. The funder is the European Commission and we expect an answer during this summer and a project start during Q4. We keep our fingers crossed


Mundati are joining the Swedish Minister for EU Affairs & Trade and Team Sweden for meetings with United Nations agencies in NY feb 5-7.


We wish all of you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Today is the World Toilet Day – this years theme is wastewater. Read more about it below. It underlines the system perspective as we also have at Mundati. Our timing is good and the market is ready for our system!



We did not win the national Skapa prize for best innovation but qualified into top six. We are pleased and honored with the attention for our work!

Christer Nersjö at Skapa awards 2017


Mundati has been selected to represent the county of Värmland in the national final of the most innovative company in Sweden -the Skapa prize. We keep our fingers crossed tonight! Below a link to a interview.



Very interesting week coming up as we are heading up to a number of meetings in Geneva with UNHCR, WHO, UNOCHA and the Red Cross (IFRC).


The Indian Government is launching a program to distribute 100 million toilets to adress open defication. Good news for both India and Mundati.


Do not hesitate to contact our agent Mr. Ben Boman in Bangalore at +91 91082 90838, ceo@kibbcom.in
for further information about Mundati in India.


The autumn have started in a very good and intense way. A lot of news:

  1. We are launching a new investment initiative. This new share issue will bring in the capital to set the system on the market. For investor relations please contact chairman Henrik Smedberg or CEO Christer Nersjö. Contact details is available under the tab People.
  2. Mundati is deepening it´s involvement in South Africa with UNISA and a pilot project will be set up outside Johannesburg in a informal settlement summer 2018. This pilot will also include a biogas solution developed by UNISA.
  3. Mundati participated in World Water Week in Stockholm w35 with and the short report is many good contacts made and the sanitation business is turning more and more commercial in a positive way.


Mundati have a new solution for telephony and the number to the switchboard +46 54 774 50 10. Direct lines our found under ”people”.


We are back in business with all batteries fully loaded!
This autumn and winter will be very exciting with the full specs of the system launched. Stay tuned!


Now we will take some well deserved vacation. We will be back 7th of August. Have a nice summer.


Mundati is creating interest among the paper and forest industry due do our circular flow system approach and intelligent solutions! We like!



Mundati is gaining more attention and wins awards for groundbreaking businessmodels and technology to attack the challenge with sanitation in BOP areas!


Mundati visits UNHRD in Brindisi which is one of UN´ s biggest depots. UNHRD works as a distributor for many UN organisations to supply them with material needed for their operations in field. In Brindisi they do procurement, tests and warehousing.


Today we were honored by recieving the prize for most innovative company in our region – the SKAPA prize! We are very delighted and proud!



Today, we are happy to announce that we have launched our new website.


We are happy to welcome Johanna Wiren. Johanna will be responsible för design and mechanical engineering.


We are happy and proud to announce that we are starting up a project with South Africas biggest university – UNISA. The project is about to develop sustainable businessmodels for informal settlements. Participants from Social Science, Engineering and Agriculture will contribute to the project

UNISA project startup


Mundati has successfully closed it´s first round of a new shares issue.


Mundati is delighted to announce that we have entered a partnership with KibbCom India Pvt Ltd. The market for sanitation solutions in India is very interesting both in the numbers that are needed but also that heavy investment are carried out within this field. With KibbCom we will have a very good representation with both Swedish and Indian shareholders in KibbCom. Read more below:

 PRESS RELEASE Mundati – KibbCom India 170112 (Rev C)



Mundati is joining the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance, SuSanA.
Read more at http://www.susana.org/en/



Mundati signs a cooperation with KibbCom in India. More information to come soon!



Today it is an important day for 2,5 billion people – those who lacks and suffers of poor sanitation. It is the UN World Toilet Day!

Some facts below about the sanitary situation globally:

– 2.4 billion People live without improved sanitation (World Health Organization (WHO)/UNICEF 2015).

– One in ten people has no choice but to defecate in the open (WHO/UNICEF 2015).

– Diarrhoea caused by poor sanitation and unsafe water kills 315,000 children every year (WAS-Hwatch 2016).

– Disease transmission at work mostly caused by poor sanitation and hygiene practices, causes 17% of all workplace deaths (International Labour Organization (ILO) 2003).

– Loss of productivity due to illnesses caused by lack of sanitation and poor hygiene practices is estimated to cost many countries up to 5% of GDP (Hutton 2012)

Read more:



Mundati boot Aidex Brussel

Mundati packing up after a very good fair here on Aidex in Brussels. A lot of new contacts made and business opportunities identified. Business Sweden has once again demonstrated the incredibly talented organization they are. Now it will be to follow up everything when we get home.

Mundati booth Aidex Brussel




Welcome to visit Mundati on the 16-17 of November at AidEx fair in Brussels at boot D30 in pavilion 11.




Great day for Mundati when the Swedish Governemental organisation Vinnova granted us a considerable amount of money for our job to develop eco-cyclic sanitary solutions for areas that lack water and sewage. Vinnova is the Governmental organisation to promote development of new technology

We are very happy with this recognition. With us in this Vinnova project we both customers and development partners. These are SP, SLU, Swedish Red Cross and Paper Province.


Mundati  have during w41 been in meeting in Geneva with UNHCR, International Red Cross, IOM and WHO. Possible field installations during 2017 are under discussion.



Mundati is starting to gain attention and recognition .




Mundati i joining the UN Procurement Seminar 2016 in Copenhagen. For more information please contact CEO, Christer Nersjö
+46 709  35 00 65  christer.nersjo@mundati.com



We are happy to announce that Mattias Westman  Contamination specialist and Ph.D kand at Karolinska Institutet is joining Mundati. Mattias will bring a lot of expertise and field-data concerning contamination. Mattias is also bringing in knowledge and understanding of the business process to create long term and sustainable solutions.


Mundati is proud to announce that we have been choosen has to be part of Inova Start Up Accelerator program which is funded by actors below.


Mundati is moving to new facilities at Innovation Park. This will give us a perfect environment both in terms of facilities and a people to develop state of the art products.

 Karlstad Innovation Park